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風眼直接掠過香港的時候,我們在Sigur Ros的歌聲裡,在冰島驚人地美麗的風光裡,洗滌靈魂。



  1. krebs says:

    我們真的是同事來… same time same task ar ha!

  2. arabesques says:

    I love Sigur Ros! They are rocks! :)

  3. chor says:

    k, possibly we’re shedding tears at the same time as well!

    arabesques, in that case you really really have to see this film!

  4. Sam says:

    前陣子Sigur Ros把Full Version的Heiman放上了Youtube供別人欣賞, 可惜我那時錯過了~

  5. Sam says:


  6. 年年 says:

    Really love this film.

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