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The Inner, Outer Sphere

Here, a seemingly fictional writing like this …

At the centre of human space lies the Inner Sphere. It is a roughly spherical region of the earliest colonised worlds, approximately 200 light years in diameter. It is the home to many of the oldest cultures or inhabited worlds, contains many capital systems and a dense mesh of wormhole links. Due to the age and historical complexity of the region many empires and other political units overlap or mesh. The Outer Sphere comprises that vast and ever changing, ever expanding volume of colonised, inhabited and penetrated space beyond the stable regions and ancient empires of the Inner Sphere.
- M. Alan Kazlev (Palaeontologist, Australia)

Actually, the one’s inner landscape is unsettling. In our time, the outer, physical landscapes keep changing, whereas the social, political and individual landscapes are continuously transformed and expanding. Today, people who make art seems locating in the state of emergency and anxiety, they busily pick up pieces from the daily life, trying not to forget the motif of Tradition and Primary. Therefore, they find out something is disappearing and missing. Moreover, the violence of massive information, distraction and rejection in contemporary life affects these creatives while they cross the border of the two spheres in permanent resistant. The initial and essential view of microcosm and macrocosm maybe a departure point of the inner and outer sphere.

The Inner, Outer Sphere is an exhibition organised by eight young multidisciplinary artists from Hong Kong: KhongChang KONG, Vik LAI, ChiHoi LEE, Beatrix PANG, Eric SIU, HungFei WONG, Ki WONG, ChuiMei TSANG.


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