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“in the guise of anonymity”

Extracted from source: www.chinaview.cn 2006-04-25 08:43:12

BEIJING, April 25 —
To blog or not to blog Is that a question for you?

He said it was mainly because he could not get accustomed to the blogosphere, which he called “dirty and foolish.”

“It seems that anyone can utter any curse in the guise of anonymity on the Internet,” Gao said. “It is especially unfair for us, since our blogs are real-name but most of our blog viewers leave unfriendly comments without a name.”

Calling the Internet an “uncivilized place,” the music producer said he hated to “re-evolve online as a civilized man.”

Like Gao and Bai, a number of celebrities, including crosstalk star Guo Degang, closed their blogs in the past two months, either in response to harsh comments from netizens or as a result of increasing intentional misconceptions.

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