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“You’re surrounded by TV Monitors”

They’re on the buses, in the KCR, over our head, under our feet – even next to the register at 7-11. What do ou do when the drone becomes too much?

1. Buy the TV-B-Gone universal remote from Adbusters Media Foundation, “the ultimate jamming tool for recovering public space.” Get it at www.adbusters.org. They have two versions – one for Asia and North America and the other for everywhere else – so make sure to order the proper one. It’s about $200.

2. This tiny device is simple to operate. Aim it at any TV seven- 17m away and clcik the switch. It will work on nearly every kind of TV monitor, though certain secure military devices will be resistant.

3. Enjoy the silence.

Source: HK Magazine No.597 Friday, October 21, 2005
“Hong Kong Crisis Control” By HK staff.


  1. 鍾樂佳 says:

    真的可以switch off 十七米範圍內所有電視j?
    包括road show?二百蚊,抵喎!

  2. 鍾樂佳 says:

    大家一齊熄左road show, 一覺訓到返公司!

  3. chor says:


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